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Robert Paul Dunlap

Executive Trustee and Global Visionary

Robert completed his Masters in Computer Science with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence. He was always fascinated with adaptive, learning computer systems. Robert started his first technology company during the Dot Com era of the mid-90s.
When the Dot Com business crashed, he purchased his competitors and established one of the largest full-service technology companies in Texas. Robert's visionary abilities proved time after time as profound, and the market responded favorably.
In 2001 Robert started investing in start-up companies using personal capital and technology resources. This new direction was very successful and where Robert spent his time and effort. Over the last fifteen years, several companies were started or acquired with revenues into the hundreds of millions. Robert has structured multiple, several billion-dollar transactions and has worked in Zurich, Rome, Frankfort, London, New York, Dubai, and Johannesburg.
Robert has been trading currencies for the past ten years and has a robust technology and finance background. Robert's life has primed him for the new world of the blockchain. He has a clear vision of the modern economies and abundance set forth for Humanity. Robert is a founding Trustee and architect of META 1 Coin.

Nicole Bowdler

Trustee / Secretary / Director Of Business Development

Nicole has spent the last thirteen years in business development, marketing, and philanthropic start-ups. Her resources and skill set have allowed her to access human consciousness and understand the market entirely.
She has worked in multiple industries to enhance old financial business models and to incorporate new resources including media, advertisement, and public relations. Nicole was the top human development professional for the city of Philadelphia Union and Non-Union workers for ten years.
She is astute in mental health, addition services, client relations, business acquisitions and marketing specialized fields. Her portfolio has been used as the cornerstone for human development in the northeast region of the country. She has provided care for people all over the world and continues to do so.
Her ability to bring the most significant impact in the quickest time, allows her to use intuitive insight and skills. Her skills include: expanding revenues with business partnerships and developing marketing trends. Nicole loves to match the global economy with the next big deal for humanity.

Wanda Ironheart Traversie

Senior Director Of Operations / Board Member, META 1 Coin
Owner/Producer-Broker at A1 Dependable Insurance, Marketing/Sales at Jeff Funding, Shamanic Healer/Teacher at Ironheart Energy Healing.

Wanda Ironheart is the Senior Director of Operations. The first board member of Meta 1 Coin and one of the founders since 2018. Wanda Ironheart Traversie is also an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, a federally recognized tribe in South Dakota.
Wanda Ironheart is the sole proprietor for A1 Dependable Insurance since 2004. She has extensive knowledge in the insurance field. Wanda Ironheart is also currently working with Jeff Funding as a Marketing and Sales representative. She is helping people to fund their dreams through her dynamic team of funding experts.
Wanda Ironheart is a Shamanic healer and teacher. Wanda Ironheart also teaches classes on the benefits of energy and conscious living. She is a gifted psychic healer that has learned the art of using her sharp intuition on everyday dealings to co-create the highest integrity life in business and in her shamanic practice. Wanda is an experienced multi-dimensional healer.

Marianne O'Malley

Client Relations / Board Member, META 1 Coin

Marianne O’Malley is the Manager of Client Relations and has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. She has a unique ability to find connections to those that are asking for what META 1 Coin has to offer. Marianne allows her gifts of communication and desire to uplift to help others understand META 1 Coin.
Marianne has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and has worked as an Electrical Product Consultant for most of her career. Marianne was known for providing critical electrical power solutions to companies such as 3M, Lockheed Martin, Polaris, Cargill, and Yahoo data centers.
Marianne has owned and managed real estate including commercial, residential and senior housing properties. She has ownership in small businesses that provide health and wellness solutions. Marianne traveled as a tour operator for Celtic Mystical Journeys for three years and studied sacred sites in Egypt, Europe, Peru, and India.

Kevin Job

Technical Advisor / Board Member, META 1 Coin
President - Artheas Solutions, Inc.

Kevin Job is a member of the META 1 technical advisory group and has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018.
Kevin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and works as a software architect providing software design, training, and advisory services. He has experience working with national and international companies in the fields of banking, entertainment, medical devices, reverse logistics, video network management, and enterprise resource planning/manufacturing.

Richard Grassie

Board Member, META 1 Coin
Owner / President, Richards Custom Water Systems and Living Water and Wellness

Richard Grassie has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. Richard brings forth vital business knowledge with a focus on mutual benefit for client and business. His high degree of integrity and consciousness makes him an excellent match to META 1’s mission. Richard currently owns and manages/operates /a water purification business with exclusive rights to sell Aquathin systems, a leading-edge water filtration technology. Richard is most active in the client relations part of the business, and by word of mouth and reputation, the business thrives. Richard was awarded top salesperson at all three water filtration companies he worked for before starting his own business.

Amy Sikarskie

Board Member, META 1 Coin
Holistic Health Care Practitioner, Author, and Instructor.

Amy Sikarskie has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. Amy is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and Holistic Health Care Practitioner specializing in the intuitive assessment of the human energetic system. She is a hypnotherapist, author and instructor of energetic therapy and spiritual studies. She is a Managing Director for two Texas real estate investment companies and actively volunteers in her community. Amy provides a unique ability to linearize quantum heartfelt intelligence and materialize it into our physical reality.

Alan Sikarskie

Board Member, META 1 Coin
President / General Manager, Greiner Aerospace

Alan Sikarskie has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. Alan holds excellent credibility as the one that leads META 1 into the business community. Currently, Alan is President/General Manager of Greiner Aerospace Americas and has held key leadership positions at Parker Aerospace, GE Aviation, Elbit Systems, and UTC Aerospace Systems. Alan is also active with serving on the board of directors for Junior Achievement of the Chisholm Trail which focuses on inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Alan holds degrees in Computer Engineering Technology, Industrial Technology & Management, and a Master’s in Business Administration. He is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt, and a graduate from University Texas Austin’s Institute for Managerial Leadership Program.

Bruce H Bryant

Education / Board Member, META 1 Coin
The University of Missouri, Rolla School of Economics

Bruce H. Bryant has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. For the past 30 years, Bruce has been developing the mechanics of the new economic structure. He has worked in Central America, specifically Belize and Guatemala providing services for humanity. With extensive travels to and from the United States over the last ten years, educating and informing people about how to maintain their legal affairs.

Charles Sorensen

Board Member, META 1 Coin
Retired U.S. Navy Commander

Charles Sorensen has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. Charles is an avid pilot with a keen sense of direction. He is gifted in ensuring META 1 Coin has the optimal business structure and is always ahead of how to best position META 1 Coin for continued success. Charles has been a pilot/captain for a major airline for many years. He has also held leadership positions as an instructor, check airman and special projects pilot for the airline. Charles also has experience as a Project Manager for Thunderbyrd Power Systems, an electrical engineering company, specializing in power factor correction/harmonics distortion. His clients have included schools, ethanol plants, major manufacturers, electric utilities, and the Department of Defense. Charles holds degrees in Business Management and Math from the University of Minnesota and Mankato State University and is a graduate of Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California. Charles is also an active pilot of vintage World War 2 aircraft for the Commemorative Air Force.

Al Warner

Forensics Lab / Board Member, META 1 Coin
Contractor and Licensed UAC Pilot

Al Warner has served as a member of our board of directors since 2018. Al is head of Marketing for A-1 Dependable Insurance. He also conducts freelance drone pilot for claims adjuster and insurance. Al is an entrepreneur that has 25 years of experience in construction framing and building houses. Al’s multi-faceted approach in remodeling and construction allows him to perceive the needs of the lab and applied science. Al has been drawing and doing portraits since a young age. Drawing and sketching are second nature. Al creatively uses his imagination.

Hon. Dave Schmidt

Public Relations / Board Member, META 1 Coin
Retired State Senator for Washington State

Dave spent 12 years in the Washington State Legislature finishing as a State Senator in 2007. Dave currently conducts a weekly internet radio program and has thousands of individuals attend his educational workshops, all around the world. His business is The Sedona Connection. Dave also has a background in banking and finance and has been a part-time market trader for over 20 years. Dave has also retired from serving for 25 years in the military reserves in the Army National Guard. Dave received his formal education as a seminary graduate and has an M.A. degree in theology.

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